Sunday, July 30, 2023

Today is National Hug Day!

Today is National Share a Hug Day! While I think every day is a great day for a hug, a day to especially focus on it, is a great thing - you will be able to learn more about it at this link - on this site I learned five important things hugs do for you, but will just share the first with you here . . .

  1. Hugs strengthen our immune system - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University asked 400 healthy adults about the number of times they experienced interpersonal conflict and the number of hugs they received each day, and then exposed them to the common cold virus to discover perceived social support and hugs reduced the risk of infection.
Consider getting your grands and help them make "hugs" - take paper, tape end to end to make it long enough, have them lay down on the paper with their arms extended, trace around their hands and arms, have them get up and connect the lines, decorate, cut out the arms/hands, and you have a "hug" which they are able to give to their mom!

So, gather your family and hug them! If you are not able to get together in person, connect on-line and send "air" hugs! Celebrate National Hug Day - today, and every day!

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