Sunday, July 30, 2023

illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero books - No "Ordinary" Bible Person Storybook

If you are not an artist, or artistic person, when you see a book which you need to provide the illustrations, you may think it is not the book for you. But, in this case with the  illustrate my own Unknown Bible Hero books, nothing could be farther from the truth! These books give you the unique opportunity to engage with the children you love in ways you never have when you read a book about a real Bible person, since you and/or they will be providing the illustrations. This means you get to talk about what is happening, think through what the Bible person is saying, and basically really pay attention to the details so you are able to provide the illustrations! Just think about the fantastic conversations you will be able to have about the Bible people and how what they learned applies to you as well! These books are no ordinary Bible person storybook!

It does not matter if you are only able to draw stick people (and seriously, a book with stick people could be a fantastic book!) - the point is the value in in the conversations these books will generate! And, stick people, or more detailed illustrations, these books will be a treasure to enjoy as you and/or the children you love put the time into illustrating them!

Look at the Unknown Bible People you will be able to learn about - Enoch, Jehoshaphat, Moses & the snakes, Josiah, Hezekiah, Deborah & Jael, the Donkey which talked, Abel & Seth, Abigail, Jeremiah, Joshua and the day the sun stood still, and Job.

So, artist or not, get these books, give them as a gift (along with colored pencils or crayons), illustrate them, and treasure the conversations - and most importantly the learning - which will happen as you do!

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