Monday, July 31, 2023

Today is Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day!

One great way to build memories and strong connections with the children we love is by celebrating - which is why I'm sharing a daily "holiday"! Of course we celebrate birthdays and holidays like Christmas, but there are many, many fun "holidays" we can celebrate each day, so choose some and celebrate - be sure to take lots of photos because the memories will bring joy long after you finish your celebration!

So, today I'm sharing with you a truly fun and memorable day - with many great ways to celebrate . . . Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day! You will find out about it at this link, but I want to share with you a couple examples of uncommon instruments (you will find more at this link) and then a fun way to celebrate!

  • The didgeridoo is a wind instrument, played with vibrating lips and circular breathing so you get a continuous drone. The didgeridoo was created by Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia more than 1,000 years ago.
  • The Toha or Totem Harp was created by composer Victor Gama. It was inspired by the nests of an extinct species of Angolan birds and can be played by two musicians at once.
  • The Cimbalom is from Hungry and belongs to the Dulcimer family. Two beaters are used to strike the strings and create notes.
  • The glass armonica works in a way similar to making music with wine glasses. It has a series of glass bowls in different sizes and sound is produced by the player rubbing their fingers over the glass. By the way, Benjamin Franklin is the one who created this uncommon instrument.
  • The Wintergatan Marble Machine is a hand-cranked music box loaded with instruments including a circuit of 2,000 cascading steel marbles. As the device cycles it activates a vibraphone, bass, kick drum, cymbal, and other instruments which play a score programmed into a 32 bar loop comprised of LEGO technic parts. The marbles are moved internally through the machine using funnels, pulleys, and tubes. How cool is this!
Check out this link and you will find more really uncommon instruments along with photos and videos of them - VERY cool!

So, to celebrate today, get an unusual instrument, or create your own, and make your own music - of course, keep a camera handy! Enjoy!

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