Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Notes from Jesus

As surprising as it may seem, the Summer is almost over. For me, it has been filled with lots of wonderful time with my grandsons and has just "flown" by! I'm sure the remaining month will go quickly as well, so I want to be sure I make the most of the time I am blessed to spend with these three boys. 

I am looking at how I might use a book by Mikal Keefer and Group Publishing - Notes from Jesus to help them know Jesus better. Joani Schultz (from Group Publishing) sent me this book to review and today I'm very happy to let you know about it. 

Notes from Jesus
Author - Mikal Keefer
Illustrator - Matt Wood
Publisher - Group Publishing
Ages - 3 to 10

Favorite Features -
  • Written in First Person perspective "from" Jesus!
  • 26 one-page devotions
  • Cover topics like prayer, God's love, the Bible & more
  • Colorful illustrations for each devotion
  • I love the ideas for how to "become even better friends" at the end of each devotion
Group Publishing says; "Jesus is the stuff best friends are made of--especially if you're a kid! He’s always up for hearing how the day went, listening to worries, and laughing at silly jokes. And he wants to share about himself, too, as best friends do. 'Notes from Jesus' are His messages to new friends. Each playfully illustrated note includes:

• Answers to common faith questions kids ask, like 'What happens when I mess up?' and 'Is it okay to pray with my eyes open?'
• An inspirational Bible verse for kids to tuck away in their hearts
• Doable, kid-sized ideas for readers to become even better friends with Jesus

Each note reminds children Jesus enjoys their company, and He wants a lifelong friendship which deepens with each new conversation. This is the perfect gift for kids just starting a relationship with Jesus...for young families joining a church...or as a meaningful birthday, holiday, or Christmas gift!"

I love this little book. It is a great conversation starter and a wonderful tool which will help my grandsons better understand not only Who Jesus is, but how they are able to really know and walk with Him. If you are looking for a book you are able to use with your grandchildren to hand down confident faith - definitely check out "Notes from Jesus".

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