Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Rebounderz Trampoline Park - and So Much More for Family Fun

Last week I was able to take my grandsons to Rebounderz Trampoline Park to review it (thank you Rebounderz) and today I am very happy to let you know about this place of fun for the family!

We began our time at Rebounderz on the Trampoline Arenas, which Rebounderz says "Our patented indoor trampoline park provides the most space to bounce, spin, jump and flip as you try out new tricks off the floor or wall trampolines." The boys enjoyed and returned to the trampoline arenas often during our stay.

From there they went to the Foam Pit - what isn't there to love about
jumping into a pit filled with foam blocks! My oldest grandson said he thought Rebounderz foam pit was the best of any trampoline park - and he has been to all of them in Grand Rapids. He said usually the foam blocks are not very soft, but at Rebounderz each one is covered with a soft covering making it a very nice place to spend time - which all three boys did!

From there my two youngest grandsons spent time in the indoor
playground - which they highly approved of. I noticed all the children in there were laughing and smiling. Rebounderz describes this area as a place with "all sorts of obstacles, activities, slides and swings, your little ones will enjoy an active time with us here at Rebounderz." They told me they added this to their site during covid - an excellent addition for sure!

The next stop was the Ninja Warrior Course about which Rebounderz
says, "Challenge yourself and friends at a timed Ninja Warrior course with three difficulty levels for kids of all ages." All three of my grandsons enjoyed this, but my middle grandson loved it the most - and spent the most time there. Yes, he was able to make it through without falling or touching the bottom - and he took all the paths available!

If these had been the only options for fun at Rebounderz my
grandsons would have completely enjoyed the time we spent there, but there was more! My two oldest grandsons spent time on the Jump Xtreme Tower about which Rebounderz says. "Overcome your fears and take the leap off our jump tower! Show off your sweet poses to your friends, and jump over the ledge to a comfortable landing."

The boys enjoyed Rebounderz Xtreme Dodgeball and Basketball
Slam and then spent time in the very cool Black light Mini Golf course. They then visited some of their favorite events again and wrapped up our time at Rebounderz in their Arcade.

If you live in the Grand Rapids, MI area - or are planning a visit, certainly include time in Rebounderz in your plans for family fun - as fun will be had at Rebounderz! Check their website at this link.


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