Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Created "Just Right" - Look at Our Many Feathered Friends!

For the past several days I have been sharing with you about my new Life on the Goldilocks Planet Created "Just Right"! books - today I'm happy to let you know about another book in the series all children will enjoy, but which is especially perfect for children ages three through seven - Created "Just Right" - Look at Our Many Feathered Friends! This is a picture book filled with full-color photos - two of each bird, and some interesting, fun facts about each bird as well.

  • Created "Just Right" - Look at Our Many Feathered Friends! The planet on which we live is filled with amazing creatures - small and large - and everything in between! In this book you will learn about Hoopoes, Cassowaries, Tufted Puffins, Blue-Footed Boobie Birds, Shoebills, Rufous Hummingbirds, Kakapos, Cock or the Rocks, Quetzals, Eurasian Kingfishers, Kiwis, Philippian Eagles, Hoatzins, Purple Gallinules, Chilean Flamingoes, Fairy Penguin, Lilac-Breasted Roller, Jabirus, Pileated Woodpecker, Helmeted Hornbill, Bee Hummingbird, Laughing Kookaburras, Keas, Oilbirds, and Curassows. Many of these birds are surprising - both in how they look and the things they do - but all of them help us know God created everything "just right"!
If you love a child who is especially fond of or interested in those creatures which fly, this book is for them as they will enjoy all the photos and fun facts . . . and will be able to learn about creatures they may never heard of before - such as Kakapos, Quetzals, Keas, and Helmeted Hornbills! Get your copies today - you will find them at this link!

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