Sunday, September 17, 2023

Get Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More! and Hand Down Confident Faith


If you could do something which has the potential to equip the children you love with a confident faith, would you do it? Well, the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books are not only engaging, interesting, surprising, and fun books, but they are a tool which will help you connect with your children/ grandchildren as you learn together the "whys" - why you are able to believe God is real and God and science DO go together!

There are twelve books in the series and each is filled with animals you and the ones you love will enjoy learning about - some of which you may never have heard of before - for example, look at all the animals you will discover in Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More! - Civets, Arctic Foxes, Echidnas, Blue-Footed Booby Birds, Tree Kangaroos, Leafy Sea Dragons, Pronghorns, Giraffes, Snow Leopards, Peacock Spiders, Ladybug Mimic Spiders, Orange Tortoise Spiders, Shoebills, and Batoids. 

My grandsons (who collaborated with me on these books) thought we should include spiders in the books. I am absolutely NOT a fan of spiders, but agreed IF we wrote a third book, we would include a spider. When it became clear there was indeed going to be a third book, I knew I had to keep my promise, but looked for the least scary-looking spider! Surprisingly there are three which met this "qualification" and now you will find them in Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More!  I have to say, when researching these creatures, I did discover some pretty amazing facts about them, did you know spiders are able to climb anything - even upside down, because they have so many hairs on their legs and feet - and even the hair on their feet have hair on them! An average spider has more than 600,000 hairs and they help them stick like magnets to everything!

So, if you are looking for something to get the children you love for a birthday or for a resource sure to add fun and learning to your time together, check out the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series on Amazon and at this link. This the perfect time to get a book, or two, in the Life on the Goldilocks Planet book series - Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More!  is certainly an interesting and fun book with which to start! (And, the answer to the question is the Civet! Learn more about it, and the Echidna and Arctic Fox in Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More! )

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