Monday, September 4, 2023

"Grandmas are Filled with Love from the Bottom of their Feet to the Tippy of Their Heads!"

As I have mentioned a time or two on this blog (or maybe more) I enjoy reading the "memories" section on my facebook page each morning. When my grandsons were little, I wrote on facebook the cute things they said and did, now thanks to "memories" I am able to enjoy those things all over again whenever they show up on my page! Yesterday I was reminded of something my then five year old grandson said; "Grandmas are filled with love from the bottom of their feet to the tippy of their heads!"

My grandsons are now ten, twelve, and nearly fifteen (how did this happen!!!), and they know they are dearly loved by their grandma. I always tell them I love them and I am intentional about showing my love for them - I fix their favorite foods (their choice) for their birthday dinners, and make certain I have their favorite foods in the house when they visit (I am blessed by having them over each weekend for a sleepover on Fridays or Saturdays), and always stop what I am doing to look them in the eyes and listen with my full attention when they want to tell me something. So, while they may not say they know they are loved like they did when they were five (as in this quote), they absolutely know they are loved. And, they do tell me they know I love them and show their love for me with their words and actions, too!

Grandmas, it absolutely does matter for us to speak and show our love for our grandchildren - it does make a difference!

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