Monday, September 4, 2023

It is Happy Cat Month!

Do you have a cat? We do. Candy is our calico cat, we got her last year from the local Humane Society, and she seems to be a happy cat, so when I saw how September is "happy cat month", I thought I'd share some ideas about how to celebrate.

Initially the idea behind Happy Cat Month is to encourage people to keep their cats healthy and take them to a vet to ensure they are healthy. 
But, it is also a time to focus upon spending time with your cat and letting them know they are a valued part of your family. It is not unusual for people to think cats are "aloof" and do not connect with people as do dogs, but this is not true. Yes, some cats are aloof, but not all. Our Candy is very loving and has truly connected with us. 

So, to celebrate Happy Cat Month, let's learn some fun facts about these wonderful family members. Did you know . . .
You will find more cat fun facts at this link.

Enjoy Happy Cat Month - and do all you can to make all months happy cat months.

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