Saturday, September 9, 2023

Meet Your Goals to Move More with the Help of the Alevo Alu


We all want to try and live a healthier life. As we get older, whether due to age or health or both, the goals/ resolutions we set to help us live healthier may be more difficult to accomplish, but don't give up! Fall is upon us and happily there are "tools" to help us. One such "tool" is the Alevo Alu by Porsche design. And, since the weather is nicer, getting out and moving is far more enjoyable! If you - or someone you love - experience challenges with mobility, or just need something to help you be more secure in your walking, the Alevo Alu is for you!

Favorite Features -

  • Lightweight construction makes getting it in and out of your vehicle much easier.
  • Sturdy design gives you confidence as you walk.
  • Sleek design - not a typical, "old-fashioned" walker.
  • Brake cables run inside so you are not likely to snag them.
  • Designed by Porsche - yes, Porsche! I love my Porsche rollator!
  • I especially appreciate the handle grips with pads - adds to the feeling of stability.
  • I really love the Midnight Blue color - extremely beautiful!
Birschoff & Birschoff says; "The ALEVO ALU foldable lightweight rolling walker is the all-rounder for everyday requirements. Whether at home, out shopping, or walking, it ensures safety and comfort. The ALEVO ALU’s low weight of only 15 lbs* | 16.3 lbs guarantees excellent everyday usability. The premium rollator impresses with its modern aluminum construction and iconic silver triangle design on the flanks. Reflectors integrated into the frame and brake cables fitted inside the frame provide a purist appearance. Also, cable snagging is prevented. Ergonomic handles offer a secure grip. The push handles with parking brake can be adjusted to the respective body height. The removable bag can hold up to 11 lbs. The ALEVO ALU is fitted with tilting support as standard. Its quiet tires ensure optimum grip and excellent stability on smooth road surfaces."

B&B sent me an Alevo Alu to review and I love everything about it - especially the lovely Midnight blue color! Every aspect of the Alevo Alu shows careful attention to quality, detail, and performance was taken into account in the crafting of this rollator. (It was designed by Porsche.) I use it everyday in my house - and my cat LOVES to go for rides on it.

I highly recommend the Alevo Alu - if you, or someone you know, is in need of a rollator to help them feel more stable, secure, and safe when they walk, then absolutely take a serious look at the Alevo Alu - it is excellent and definitely worth every penny - and will help you with any thing you do which involves moving more. (You will find it at this link.)

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