Friday, September 8, 2023

It is National Suicide Prevention Month

Most of my "today is" or "this month is" posts are written with the goal of encouraging you to celebrate with the ones you love. Celebrating together is a fantastic way to build a strong relationship - and this truly matters when it comes to the ones we love. Too often, especially as we get older, we think it is the responsibility of our children/ grandchildren to reach out to us, but NO! As grandmas (grandpas/parents) we are able to be the one who reaches out. It matters for us to do this. Grandparents, remember how busy you were when you were younger? Be the one who reaches out, and celebrate with the ones you love!

Well, today I want to draw attention to a very important focus for the month of September - it is Suicide Prevention Month. Now, you may say you have never struggled with thoughts of suicide and do not know anyone who has - if so, you are very blessed. I have family members who have struggled with suicide and I have friends who have lost loved family members to suicide. It can, and does impact anyone - including you and the ones you love.

So, this month I would like to encourage you to take time to read the National Institute of Health's website at this link - they have some excellent resources on suicide. Be there for the ones you love. Watch for warning signs, one in five people struggle with mental illness, treat it as you would any illness, and take care of your own mental health, too.

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