Friday, September 8, 2023

Save Those Treasures!


Today I want to share with you something my oldest grandson did when he was nearly three years old. He came to visit me and as he walked up to my house, he saw me standing on the steps . . . he ran, with a huge smile and said, "Grandma! I have a picture for you! I made you a picture!" He gave me a wonderful hug and handed me his artwork - it was a drawing of a red truck and a heart . . . I know this because when he draws, he tells me what he is drawing and then asks me to write it down before we put it on my refrigerator. I love his picture and will treasure it always!

I'm sure you have similar stories of your grandchildren sharing their art creations with you! Consider the following idea for a way to keep your treasures so you are able to enjoy them for years to come . . . 
  • Scan the artwork into your computer and then use them as a "picture" in a photo book 
  • Add photos of your grandchildren for a book you will treasure!
  • Compose the text to match your pages - be sure to write anything special your grandchild said about their artwork, so along with saving the artwork, you will be saving the memory of what they had to say about their artwork!
  • When your book arrives, enjoy it with your grandchildren . . . and everyone who comes to your house! :^)
Photo books are a wonderful way to save your cherished treasures and memories whether they are books you order or books you make for yourself.

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