Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Polar Bears, Purple Gallinules, Numbats & More! - for the Children You Love!

When you decide to give the gifts of Life on the Goldilocks Planet books you have many options! As you have been able to see from my posts, each of the 12 books have very interesting animals - many of which you have never heard of before - and activities in them - giving you the opportunity match the book with the child for a gift they will truly enjoy - especially when you combine a book with the supplies needed for all the science projects, crafts, recipes, and games which fill the books. This gift will bring joy to your family as you all learn, explore, experiment, create, and have fun together! If you have children ages four to fourteen you love who who enjoy science projects, craft projects, enjoy cooking activities, games, and learning about amazing animals, then, yes, these books are the right gifts for them!

Over the past few days I have shared eight of the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books with you - today I want to let you know about book nine - Polar Bears, Purple Gallinules, Numbats & More! in this book you will find the following animals - Polar Bears, Blue-Tongued Skinks, Hairy Armadillos, Psychedelic Frogfish, Purple Gallinules, Javelinas, Otters, Opossum, Amazon Pink Dolphins, Chilean Flamingos, Sunfish, and Numbats - which of these have you never heard of before?

So, what projects will the children you love be able to enjoy with Polar Bears, Purple Gallinules, Numbats & More!well, check out this list . . . 

  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Chalkboard reminders
  • Balloon Skink
  • Test your senses
  • Beachball game
  • Piñata Fun
  • Make Your Own Scents
  • Game time
  • Look at your teeth
  • Echolocation
  • Soup in a Jar
  • Ketchup diver
  • Make Carmel Corn
Did you know - 
  • Polar Bears have a thick layer of fat, their black skin which absorbs sunlight, a layer of fur, and their hollow, reflective longer hairs which all combine to make them extremely well insulated  so much so, they are almost invisible to infra-red photography!
  • When they are attacked by a hungry neighbor, Blue-Tongued Skinks are able to stick out their blue tongue, puff up their body to make it look larger, hiss, and if these things do not work, they let their tails come off, so they are able to escape  they then grow a new tail!
  • Hairy Armadillos have a special membrane in their nose which allows them to breathe oxygen surrounding grains of dirt/sand when they are digging without getting dirt/sand in their noses.
  • Psychedelic Frogfish are fish, so you may think they move by swimming  but they do not. They either use their fins to walk along the bottom of the sea, or they use their fins to push themselves off the sea floor/coral, and then shoot air through their gills to bounce  yes, bounce, along the bottom of the sea! 
  • Opossums have one more surprise  they glow bio-fluorescent hot pink! Yes! They glow bio-fluorescent hot pink! No one knows why.
  • When a male Amazon Pink River Dolphin wants to get the attention of a female, he holds sticks or even live turtles out of the water!
  • Sunfish are called by many names  Moonfish, Mola, Germans call them schwimmender kopf, which means swimming head”, Polish call them samogłów, which means lonely head, and in Taiwanese it means the fish which looks like a car toppled over. Well, they are odd-looking fish! 
  • While they are not very big, Numbats have an excellent sense of hearing  they are able to hear where termites are crawling in the dirt, so they know exactly where to dig.
In Polar Bears, Purple Gallinules, Numbats & More! the children you love will be able to learn so many fun, surprising, and interesting things about animals, participate in activities they will never forget, and you will have the opportunity to engage them in important conversations about how these incredible animals help them know God is real! What could be a better gift! 

When you combine Polar Bears, Purple Gallinules, Numbats & More! and a box of supplies for all the fun, you will find you have a fantastic gift for the children you love. If you live close, you might arrange to get together for the activities and if you live far, connect on-line to engage with them as they enjoy the science projects, art projects, cooking activities, and games - be sure to keep a camera handy or ask their parents to please take photos for you. And be ready for important conversations which will help you hand down confident faith - what could possibly be a better gift?

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