Saturday, September 2, 2023

Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More! - THE Book to Give the Children You Love

If you are a parent/ grandparent who typically gives books to the children you love, then Life on the Goldilocks Planet book along with the supplies for all the fun is a terrific gift for a birthday - or anytime - which will bring joy to the family as you all learn, explore, experiment, create and have fun together! If you have children ages four to fourteen you love who who enjoy science projects, craft projects, enjoy cooking activities, games, and learning about amazing animals, then, yes, this is the gift for them!

Over the past few days I have shared the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books with you - today I want to let you know about another book in the series - Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More! - in this book you will find the following animals - Scorpionfish, Eurasian Kingfishers, Flying Squirrels, Axolotls, Porcupines, Chevrotains, Clouded Leopards, Stargazer Fish, Giant Pandas, Pygmy Marmosets, Kiwis, and Pygmy Hippos - which of these have you never heard of before?

So, what projects will the children you love be able to enjoy with Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More!well, check out this list . . . 

  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Vacuum Race
  • Monocular and Binocular Ball Toss
  • Chocolate Covered Nuts
  • Grow It!
  • Make Your Own Porcupine
  • Make Your Own Drum
  • Balancing Forks
  • DIY Constellation
  • Panda Cupcakes
  • Make Maple Candy
  • Make Crystal Eggs
  • Sunscreen Science & Ice Cream Pie
Did you know - 
  • Scorpionfish have the most powerful venom of all fish.
  •  In 2019 it was discovered Flying Squirrels are biofluorescent - they glow a bubble-gum pink under UV light! We do not know why, but it may help them find other flying squirrels at night.  
  • There are solid reasons scientists want to study Axolotls as they are salamanders with superpowers! They are able to regrow their legs, spines, jaws, lungs, heart, eyes, other organs, and even parts of their brain  perfectly with no scars!
  • Porcupines have orange teeth and a greasy substance which covers their quills  this substance has antibiotic properties  if a Porcupine is poked by their own quills  or another Porcupines quills, they will not become infected!
  • Clouded Leopards have unique ankles which rotate backwards! This allows them to climb down trees head first, climb upside down, and hang from their back feet!
  • Giant Pandas are quite vocal  they chirp, honk, bleat (yes, like a lamb or goat), croak, squeal, and bark!
  • Adult Pygmy Marmosets weight about five ounces  this is just a little more than a stick of butter.
  • Kiwis have cat-like whiskers around the base of their beak. These come in very handy, since they are nocturnal birds, as they help them find their way around in the dark.
  • The skin on Pygmy Hippos is very thin and will dry out or burn in the sun, but they make a special substance which is secreted through their skin. This substance protects the Pygmy Hippos skin with its antiseptic and sun screening properties!
In Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More! the children you love will be able to learn so many fun, surprising, and interesting things about animals, participate in activities they will never forget, and you will have the opportunity to engage them in important conversations about how these incredible animals help them know God is real! What could be a better gift! 

When you combine Scorpionfish, Clouded Leopards, Pygmy Hippos & More! and a box of supplies for all the fun, you will find you have a fantastic gift for the children you love. If you live close, you might arrange to get together for the activities and if you live far, connect on-line to engage with them as they enjoy the science projects, art projects, cooking activities, and games - be sure to keep a camera handy or ask their parents to please take photos for you. And be ready for important conversations which will help you hand down confident faith - what could possibly be a better gift?

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