Thursday, September 7, 2023

Three-Eyed, Big Nosed, Spotted Alien Hats

When my grandsons were younger, I crocheted a new hat for them each year for Christmas. We live in a snowy state - typically - and winters are cold here; I wanted their little heads to be warm. Plus, if you have to wear a hat, I figured it might as well be fun . . . and a little silly and crazy is fine, too!

Six years ago I came up with a three-eyed, big nose, spotted alien pattern . . . and crocheted three hats. The boys sat still for a few moments for a photo . . . what do you think?

I think the boys looked great and it was especially fun to watch as the two year old put his hat on, he began growling/roaring . . . which was apparently the sound a three-eyed, big nosed, spotted alien made!

When we went places throughout the rest of the winter, people actually stopped us to comment about how much they loved the boys' hats - it is a good thing they were not shy! Do you crochet hats for your grandchildren? Any special ones stand out?

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