Sunday, September 17, 2023

Today is World Manta Day!

Swimming through the oceans on Earth are a most amazing animal - Batoids. One type of batoid is the Manta and today is World Manta Day so I am happy to share with you some fun information about these wonderful creatures! Did you know . . .

  • Manta Rays are bigger than your average car!
  • They are easily able to swallow a small child, but they won't!
  • Mantas eat 12 times their body weight in plankton every week.
  • Manta rays are ovoviviparous. This means they are fish which produce eggs … which hatch inside their body. Moms are pregnant for a year before their babies are born.
You will find more fun facts about Manta Rays at this link.

So, gather your family and visit the sea, or a quality aquarium, or get a book about these amazing creatures and learn about them, find a way to help others learn about them to protect Mantas and help make the world a better place for them! You will find more information, facts, and ideas at this link. (My grandsons and I wrote about Batoids and Mantas in our book, Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More! which you will find at this link.)

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