Friday, October 13, 2023

crafting with grandma - Crocheted Upside-Down Doll!


When I was a child, my family often vacationed in the Smokey Mountains. One year on our trip, I was browsing in a "souvenir" store with my mom and saw an Upside-Down doll. It was something I had not seen before and my mom said I could have one. The doll became one of my favorites; what's not to love about two dolls in one???!!!


When my daughter was little, I made an upside-down bunny doll for her . . . one side was the awake doll and the other was the sleeping doll. I was pretty happy with how it turned out and Tiffany liked it, too!

So, the other day I was browsing on Pinterest and saw a link for a free crochet pattern for an upside-down Cinderella doll! one side she is dressed to work and the other side she is dressed to dance at the ball! If I had granddaughters, I'd definitely be making them for Christmas!

You'll find the pattern at this link . . . it could be lots of fun to make for your granddaughters, or to use to teach your granddaughters to crochet, so they could make it for a younger sister, friend or to give to children in need at Christmas!


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