Friday, October 13, 2023

Their Example for Peace & Healing

The woman on the right is a friend - she was my middle grandson's kindergarten and first grade teacher - and a fantastic teacher for sure! She is Palestinian. The woman on the left is one of her friends - she is Jewish. They are both heartbroken over what is happening in Israel and the Gaza Strip, but as you can see, they love each other, they care about each other, they cry with each other, they are there to support and encourage each other. They are the example for us all - for peace and for how to heal.

I have my friend's permission to share this photo and hope it will cause people to stop, to think, to care, to do whatever we are able to do to help people who are Palestinian and the people who are Jewish in this horrible moment of time (they are both people) - and beyond as we all have to find a way to love others, push for peace, and be the example for the children we love so they may grow up in a world where what has happened this week in Israel and Gaza (and on-going in Ukraine), and continues to happen each day becomes a thing of the past - which is NEVER repeated again. We want all children to know the people who attacked, killed, kidnapped Jewish people are Hamas terrorists - not all Palestinian people. The people who are cutting off electricity, water, food, etc. from Gaza are some people in the leadership in Israel - not all Jewish people. If children are going to be able to grow up and stop this chain of violence, we have to help them, so it doesn't become an never-ending cycle of violence. 

Please keep my friend and her friend in your thoughts and prayers - and people all around this world who are suffering such pain (including those in Ukraine.)

I'm sharing this post from Sesame Street as it so excellently expresses the truth.

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