Monday, October 9, 2023

grandma's chuckles - Hugs - They are Good for You!

My grandsons are at my house often, but today I'm remembering a time eight years ago when they were seven, four, and two years old. They were here - they had spent the night and as we were getting ready for bed, I hugged the two younger ones and then asked my oldest grandson if he wanted a hug, too. He did, so of course, I happily hugged him. 

Poppa told the boys hugs are good for us and this surprised them. They then talked about how studies show people who hug and receive hugs are healthier and live longer. To which my oldest grandson said; "Then we will be very healthy and live a very long time, because we get LOTS of hugs; especially at your house!" Then he looked at me and said; "And apparently you are going to be very healthy and live a very long time, too, grandma, because you give a LOT of hugs!" My middle grandson added; "And, you get a lot of hugs, too!" To which we all hugged again!

This conversation made my heart happy, and it reminded me how vital it is to spend time with my grandsons and to let them know no matter what, they are absolutely loved. 

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