Monday, October 9, 2023

pixipages - a Must-Have app for all Grandparents & Parents!

If you are blessed to have the children you love live near you, then you are likely to enjoy opportunities to read books to them - particularly if they are still young. But, if your grandchildren live far, this is a joy you and they are not often able to enjoy. Today I am very happy to let you know about a fantastic resource you are able to use to "read" to them.

pixipages says they are - an iPhone story-recording app which makes it possible for families to stay in touch in an unforgettable way by recording story narration your little loved ones may then listen to over and over again.

The voices of those we love are unique heirlooms which bring back a lifetime of special memories. Are you a military mom or dad on deployment, a distance-working parent, a grandparent who lives far away, a favorite au pair, an aunt or uncle, or a special family friend? More than 100 wonderful books in the Pixipages library offer a warm, personal way to bring your voice alive as the narrator, all from one user-friendly iPhone app!

We have a huge catalog of popular children's books which talk about diverse topics from culture, human values, immigrant families, different emotions and experiences, and upbringings, to nourish and expand the minds of children while they also get to connect with far-away relatives and loved ones who can narrate these stories for them through the app no matter where they are! The process is simple on our app. Once the app is installed on your IOS device, you just select a book and have fun recording the story. Don’t forget to leave a personal message at the end! Finally, share the recording right in the app with the parents or caretaker of the little prince or princess to play at bedtime. 

The story can be shared with any IOS or Android device or computer. We invite you to join our Pixipages family, and start sharing the love today! It can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store for only $7.99 and you can record unlimited stories forever. It also includes customized music, an introduction, and a chime so the reader knows when to turn each page. You can email the finished recording as an mp3 file along with a link to purchase the book on Amazon if your loved one doesn't already own it. 

You can watch a short video and a tutorial on our website:
You can download the App by searching for "PixiPages" on the iPhone App Store.

So, whether you are a distance grandparent or not, or a parent in the military, or are separated for some reason from the children you love for a long or short time, just get the app and share books - what could be better? Think Christmas gifts! Birthday Gifts! A fantastic way to celebrate any special day! pixipages is all about connecting and staying connected with the ones you love, so what could be better!

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