Wednesday, November 8, 2023

grandma's chuckles - Grandma & the Quaker Oats Man, Coffee & Finding Our "Cookie Monster"!

"grandma's chuckles" are the things which make me chuckle . . . you know, the things your children and grandchildren say and do which bring a smile to your face and make your heart happy! These are the things I don't want to forget, so I'm writing them down and sharing them with you . . . I hope they bring a smile to your face, make your heart happy, and cause you to chuckle, too . . . whether you are a grandma or not! :^) Enjoy!

So, today I'm sharing a few "chuckles" from several years ago - which still makes me laugh today . . . 
  • One time thirteen years ago when my oldest grandson was two years old, he was at my house and saw a box of Quaker Oats on my table, pointed at the Quaker Oats man, and said, "Grandma!" I said, "Hey! Wait a minute you funny boy! That's an old man! He isn't grandma!" He smiled a very rascally smile, pointed at the Quaker Oats man again, and said, "Lynda!" Apparently he has a sense of humor and knows my name - the little rascal!!!!
  • Twelve years ago when my he was three, he spent the night - the first thing he said when he woke up in the morning was, "I need to fix coffee for grandma!" . . . so he did! What a sugar!
  • When he was four, he and his baby brother (one year old) were at my house, so he helped me make cookies - of course they each had to have one when they cooled. Shortly after receiving their cookies, my oldest grandson came into the kitchen and told me his cookie was missing! He said, "You are part of the search team, grandma." So we went "searching", but there was no sign of the cookie to be found. We HIGHLY suspected the culprit was the "cookie monster" . . . otherwise known as his little brother! He was walking around with a big smile on his face and it did appear he was munching a cookie!
Well these are just a few - I posted to facebook when the boys said/ did funny things or things I wanted to be sure to remember. I love the facebook "Memories" feature and I check it out each day. Whenever something shows up which the boys said/did in previous years, I add it to an ongoing word document, so I have them all in one place and am able to enjoy remembering them whenever I want.

I love the funny things they said/did through the years - and still do - but mostly I love being able to remember and hear as their understanding of Who God is grows - even when it is simple . . . as when Josiah was four . . . 
  • I'm thankful for being able to hear what a four year old is thankful for - one day my oldest grandson said he was thankful for; "You two (poppa and me), all of my family, lemonade, and my mouth; so I can taste the lemonade!"  
Being thankful for a mouth to taste lemonade, is a wonderful thing for which to be thankful!

What are the things you might include on your own "grandma's chuckles" list?

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