Thursday, November 9, 2023

Shark Hats!

I - and my grandsons - live where it is cold in the winter (typically) as we live in Michigan. So, when they were little, I crocheted hats for them each winter - I wanted to keep their sweet little heads warm! But, I always made "fun" hats - if you have to wear a hat, it might as well be fun, unique, a "stand out" hat! One year I crocheted shark hats for each of them!

I wanted to show you a photo of the hats and give you a link where you will find the pattern if you want to make them (I changed the hat a bit by removing the side fins and giving the hat ear flaps and I changed the teeth). You'll find the pattern at this link.

Do you make hats for your grandchildren? If so, what is the "funnest", most unique hat you have made for them?

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