Tuesday, November 21, 2023

grandma's chuckles - He Was a Problem Solver!

Today I am remembering how a few years ago I spent the day with my grandsons. Wednesdays - otherwise known as; "the Day-with-the-Sweet-Boys", was a day I looked forward to each week! 

On this particular day - eight and a half years ago - my youngest grandson was just 18 months old - he was such a little "character"! He had discovered where I kept the chocolate hearts - on the counter in a basket which ordinarily he could not reach. But, did not being able to reach it stop this little boy? Oh, no! Not for a moment! He was a problem solver, like his older brothers, and he discovered he could push his blue car or a chair to the counter, climb on it, and then reach the tasty, sweet treats! And reach them he did! He was a rascal, but most definitely a very sweet rascal!

What memories do you have of your sweet grandchildren when they were younger which continue to bring a smile to your face?

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