Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Race through Space - a Mission to the Moon! - a Fun Christmas Gift

When I was a child I always received board games for Christmas. If you are a grandparent - or parent - who also gives board games to the children you love, then this game from Ravensburger is one you certainly want to check out!

Race through Space - a Mission to the Moon!

Ages - 6+

4 Players

From - Ravensburger

Favorite Features -

  • I have to say the first thing I noticed was the quality of the game and pieces - impressive!
  • I loved the color and design
  • Easy to learn and fun to play!
  • Encourages taking turns and being a good sport.
Ravensburger says, "Race Through Space, A Mission to the Moon! is the latest introduction to Ravensburger's Imagine - Play - Discover series. Designed for children ages 6+, the game features a colorful game board which resembles a fantastical space galaxy - complete with shooting stars, asteroid fields, rocket ships, space stations, and more. The game is for four players, who all try to land their three rockets on the moon and earn the most points for each landing. In this cosmic game of intergalactic exploration, players assume the role of space travelers flying their rockets through the Milky Way on their way to the Moon. Dangers lurk everywhere with asteroid fields and black holes in the way which can steer players off course and delay or doom their arrival on the moon. Players take turns rolling the die to launch their rockets and aim towards the moon collecting galaxy cards. The constant movement of the galaxies causes the universe to shift, challenging their efforts to stay the course and avoid falling into black holes which swallow their rocket and stop them from collecting enough points to win the game."

My grandsons enjoyed playing this game - and so did their poppa and I. I loved how it encouraged them to think strategically, and fun was absolutely had by all of us. I highly recommend Race through Space - a Mission to the Moon! - it makes a fantastic Christmas gift for the children on your gift list!

Ravensburger sent me Race through Space - a Mission to the Moon!  for me to review, but my opions are my own.

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