Friday, March 29, 2024

I am "Vintage"

As the children we love grow up, their sweet rascally selves continue to show up from time to time. Last year when they were 14, 11, and 9 they told me I am "vintage" - like everything which was made back when I was born. Hmmm - they are saying I am old, but in a sweet way!


Hmmm, vintage. They went on to say things which were "vintage", like cars (and me) had more value. So, while they said I was old, they did so in a way which left me feeling loved - as did the hugs which came with the words.

It matters so much for us to invest time in the lives of the ones we love. If we want a relationship with them as they grow up, we need to make the effort to build this relationship with them. Stop and remember what life was like when we were teens, then young adults, and then parents. Life was SO BUSY! We tend to have less busy lives, so we need to be the one who makes the effort. And, when we do, the blessing of a strong relationship is the wonderful result.

So, I am "vintage" - and happily so!

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