Thursday, April 4, 2024

grandma's chuckles - Kisses are Weird!

I have three grandsons; I LOVE EVERYTHING about being a grandma . . . the hugs, the kisses, the sweet smiles, reading  books, playing games, making cookies . . . the list goes on and on! One of the wonderful things about being a grandma is being able to hear all the sweet things a grandchild says once they begin to talk . . . usually there are a lot of really funny things they say, too - which, if you write them down, you will be able to enjoy those things over and over again.

When my middle grandson was two, he was turning out to be quite a talker . . . and a funny one at that! One day we were in our car and were talking about kisses . . . I said they are wonderful and he - and his five year old brother - said they were weird! Well, as a grandma, I definitely believe kisses are not weird - they are wonderful . . . but the boys both disagreed! 

I love the memory - it, and most certainly they, make my heart happy!

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