Monday, April 1, 2024

He is Darth Vader. I can NOT hug him!

Don't you just love it when your grandchildren show their imagination? Well, seven years ago when my youngest grandson was three, he looked at his Poppa and said; "I'm Kenobi, Kenobi." Then ran at him to attack! Apparently Kenobi, Kenobi (Obi Wan Kenobi) decided Poppa was Darth Vader and had to attack him! Kenobi, Kenobi did very well - defeated Darth Vader. I asked him if Poppa might be tired (after about 20 minutes of running full bore at poppa, arms - light sabers - flailing) and maybe he was in need of a hug. To which he said (rather indignantly) "He is NOT Poppa. He is Darth Vader. I can NOT hug him!" Of course he can not! 😃

This memory is a treasure - it makes me smile remembering it all over again. I have this memory because I was willing to invest the time in my grandson - and his brothers. I didn't limit their time at my home thinking I had already done my job raising children and now it was their parent's job. I welcomed them to my home and rejoiced each time they came as I was able to spend time with them. My grandsons were at my home yesterday - my heart is still happy today, filled with wonderful memories. I know while they are too old to decide they are "Kenobi Kenobi", the time spent with them is something I will treasure - all of my life.

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