Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Summer Reading - Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone

Today I am very happy to share with you another book from Tommy Nelson/Harper Collins - Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone by Max Lucado, illustrated by Eve Tharlet.

Favorite Features -

  • I love the illustrations which so beautifully illustrate the words and message in this book.
  • I love the message in this book - God knows, loves us and is always with us and there are people in our lives who are there to love and help us - this is a message children need to hear, and experience.
  • I appreciate all the examples in the story of how the parent bear is there for the child bear - children will be able to easily understand how this translates to them and their parents and grandparents, too.
Tommy Nelson says, "Even children experience lonely moments. When they do, this book reminds them you will always be there, and God is right there too. Max Lucado's comforting words reinforce the thought of how no matter what happens--the good and bad, the firsts and lasts--children will never be alone . . . just in case they ever wonder.

To a child, a day can last forever, and hurt feelings sink in deep. Whether they're having trouble making friends, struggling to learn something new, or just having a sad day, children need daily reminders of how much they're cherished. Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone soothes away loneliness by promising children their parents or caregivers will always make time for them--they will squeeze away the sad and welcome back the glad every single day.

A follow-up to the classic children's book Just in Case You Ever Wonder, which has sold more than 1.8 million copies, this jacketed picture book for boys and girls ages 3 to 7

  • addresses a child's feelings of loneliness and uncertainty;
  • assures children their parents are there for them and God is always with them;
  • includes tender rhymes and endearing artwork from Eve Tharlet of a loving parent and baby bear; and
  • is a perfect gift for children who need reassurance they will always have someone to turn to, someone to talk to, and someone who will love them no matter what.

Draw your little ones close as you affirm your unconditional love for them and God's never-ending presence and desire to be with His children."

Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone is a book children and parents/ grandparents are sure to love . . . if you get it, it will be read often! Comforting, encouraging, and a lot of fun, the story and illustrations work perfectly together to communicate the important messages which will help the children you love feel loved.

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