Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Summer Reading - On Kindle ebooks!


For the past few days I have shared with you two of my books for children - A Family of Her Own for Candy and The Little Ginormous, Humongous, Hairy, One-Eyed Monster Boys Adventures! - today I am so happy to let you know both books are also available as Kindle ebooks - and are still available as print books as well.

You will find posts about the books at the following links - A Family of Her Own for Candy at this link with the paperbook book being available at this link and the Kindle ebook at this link, and The Little Ginormous, Humongous Hairy, One-Eyed Monster Boys Adventures! at this link with the paperback book being available at this link and the Kindle ebook at this link.

So, now I've shared the news about the books being available as Kindle ebooks, I want to suggest getting them to use with pixipages! If you get the books for the children you love and then read them with pixipages, you will be able to give the children you love the gift of having you read to them any time, any place, whether they live near or far! (And, I'd love to find a publisher, so if you know one . . . !)

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