Thursday, August 17, 2023

Hand Down Confident Faith with the little answer book for children

As you have likely noticed, from time to time I write about Barna's and Gallup's recent polls - for a very important reason . . . because we must stand up and take action to stop the loss of the ones we love. If someone does not speak up and ask others to join them, how will grandparents, parents, and church leaders know there is a way to stop what is happening? 

It has been clear in polls from the last twenty years we were losing the next generation, but we are still doing things the same way we have done them for the past forty years - and we are losing the next generation at double the rate of any previous generation. This has to stop. We must step up, prioritize handing down confident faith, and learn the answers so we are able to have meaningful conversations with the ones we love. 

I personally have experienced this in my family as ones I love turned away from their faith. But I am not content to do nothing. I developed resources to address the issues Barna identified as the primary reasons we are losing the next generations (read about it at this link and this link.) I want my grandsons to know God is real, understand the truth about how science and God go together, be able to believe God is good, and know the Bible is true, so I wrote resources to help them learn these things.

The truth matters and we need to know the truth. This does not mean we have to be theologians, scientists, philosophers, or apologists, but we do need to find answers. We do need to know the "whys", so we are able to teach them as part of a firm foundation we set for the ones we love, and so we are able to answer their questions if they have already turned from their faith. This is the purpose for my books - the little answer book and the little answer book for children - to help you equip the children you love so they discover the "whys" for their faith. 

I'm very happy to let you know the little answer book for children is now available! As the children you love participate in activities, science projects, think about important questions, and journal their answers, they will learn the "whys" for their faith, and find they are able to have a confident faith! Is there anything more important for them to learn?

And, if you have grandchildren who are starting to doubt if God is real and the Bible is true, who question if God is good and if science disproves the Bible, this little book will help them understand the truth and provide the opportunity for you to have important conversations with them.

We do not have to sit by and watch the ones we love leave the faith. We are able to equip them to have confident faith because they know the "whys" and we are able to have important conversations with those who have turned away. We just need the resources to help us do these things and these two books are exactly this - the resources you need.

And, if your church is interested in using the little answer book for children to help parents and grandparents hand down confident faith, check this link for how they are able to do so for just $1 per family.

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